Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Dear Jose,
I understand that you are my neighborhood's resident homeless man but I have some issues. First, it's over 100 degrees outside- why are you wearing a fucking winter jacket? Don't you have a little space in your alley to store it? It isn't as if you are sharing the alley with other box dwellers. Next, I only give you money to keep you from shitting directly next to my car. It's nasty. That doesn't mean I want to shake your hand when I'm walking to and from my apartment. I purposely keeps my hands full so I don't have to be touched. At these times please do not touch my shoulder. Lastly, must you stand outside of my window screaming at every car and person who walks by you? If you must, could you do so in slower speaking spanish as I'm still learning? Mucho gracias. Consiga un trabajo.
All my best & a bar of Soap,

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