Tuesday, July 17, 2007


After my letter to Jose... I've noticed something else that disturbs me about His Homlessness...

Among the list of things he hates i.e. working, showering, shitting on a toilet, having an actual house that is not made of cardboard etc. he hates black people. He being a pretty useless fixture of my neighborhood is actually discriminating when it comes to getting a free meal, or drink, or whatever. I find this offensive. At first I didn't believe my not so great Spanish skills and asked my neighbor who is fluent in both Spanish and sucking dick....getting back to the point.

He provided me with a little social experiment if you will. He told me to watch when the neighborhood florist's boyfriend exited the store. Sure enough Jose starts cursing en Espanol and uttering the word "negro" which I took only to mean the color not the segregated label.

I don't know why I care but I do. I don't like Jose. He scares me. He should be on meds. He should be doing a bunch of things other than shouting racial slurs at people and standing next to the fax machine someone threw out as if it's his new office.

Hell I sit here at work, doing nothing besides reading the internet and blogging but at least I only discriminate against those lazier than me....like Jose...and my mom but that's different.

Ahhh fuck it.


Eagle Eye said...

I sometimes imagine that the homeless are organized with fucking CEO's and shit! You know, the CEO owns one street corner like a pimp and sends his minions out to do his bidding/panning!

NotANiceGirl said...

There could be some logic to this. Every so often he's picked up, taken off the streets for quite some time and shows up with new clothes etc. That must be when he reports back to them and....no wait... I think it's when everyone is sick of seeing his dirty asshole through the rip in his jeans. It (his asshole) said hello to me when he decided to sit in my pathway and pick his feet for a few hours. Disgusting.