Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I love to photograpgh the many places on J's body that look so yummy. I've started with these two because both make me so happy. The curves on his fine ass are almost just a blur but I find it necessary to capture them and post them here for myself. I know I will end up putting all those years of art school to use finally because I've found a subject that I am passionate about. This photo of the top of his ass really does it no justice. The ones from my cell have too many details that give him away & are too explicit...... not that anyone looks at my crappy little blog but I think I shall start taking requests for images should anyone ever make one. There's that cute butt I know and love -->

He always wants me to sketch him but I think I'm just going to continue to post random photos from naked Sundays instead. He's just too cute.

This is the same guy that I only ORIGINALLY wanted to sneak around with, use for some sex, and move on when he got clingy yet here I am ALMOST 1 YEAR LATER with my own personal ode to J. YES LADIES & GENTS, I'm whipped! It is that good and it's not just the sex. I actually asked permission to post him before I did so because I didn't want him to feel violated. I will continue to keep it less than X rated and keep the unique marks out of my photos to protect his privacy.

This next one is my favorite. I'm sharing this because I love his arms as well..... they are delicious. I just love it! We have the cutest kissy pic but I'll spare you all of that one. Poor J.... Yes, I am "Mrs. Robinson" and I've seduced you. We're moving in together so it should get even more fun!
Thanks for letting me be me & letting me love the way you look. BTW... Even though J has awareness of this blog & the photos on it, he's not allowed to visit. Sorry- we'll work something out on won't we? Yeah baby, I've been bad.... what'cha gonna do about it??? Surprise me! But please don't give me a surprise like you did that one time when I was in an Ambien haze....OK? That wasn't so much fun to wake up to....Let's keep it tight. Thanks!


Eagle Eye said...

Mrs. Robinson? You got yourself a youngin'? How much younger than you is he? That is super cool and you are very creative! I'm a little artsy fartsy too, but there isn't much income in that is there? Bummer!

NotANiceGirl said...

I am 29 and he's 22.... Shit hang on, I think the police are at the door. I went to art school and managed to get a job that incorporates photography etc. for a fashion designer for their web ads and runway. The employee discount doesn't hurt either!

Eagle Eye said...

I'm jealous! Shacking up with a younger guy and a glamorous day job? That sounds like a t.v. series!

NotANiceGirl said...

They both have their ups and downs. So what is it that you do when you aren't providing me with delicious eye candy?