Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Count Down to Christmas...(aka Highway to Hell)


Tonight officially begins my countdown to Christmas. I'll be making a ton of cheesecakes & pies since I'm in charge of dessert this year. I decided to cheat a little and went to Starbucks to purchase a tray of cranberry bliss bars because they are so delicious. I'll be making dessert until the wee hours of the morning & since my mother conveniently twisted her ankle I've been stuck running all of her errands...because I don't have my own life or anything mom. Tis' the season my ass! I've got the sneaking suspicion that she's planning on having me prepare the pate since she asked me to go purchase the ingredients. A few TG's ago, she opted to have shoulder surgery before the holidays instead of after, against the doctor's recommendation, and I was up grinding the stuff until 2 am. Then my lovely aunt decided not to do her part & I got stuck with that too, since my mom had the ingredients. This created a perfect storm when my aunt showed up Thanksgiving morning all surly and hungover and I was still busy doing her appetizers. (You couldn't wait until TG day to get loaded?) She started criticizing my cooking and though I usually wouldn't care, she kept saying how it wasn't the way she does it & that it was wrong.... HELLO, then show up and do it yourself if you're so perfect. That's about when the steam starts coming out of my ears. I tried so hard to tune her out but she kinda sounds like Dino from the Flintstones which makes it tough.
Since I'm also the only one who usually shields her from my mom and her sisters when she is being obnoxious (which is all of the time) I started to take it personally. After a good hour of nagging, I lost it and the verbal smackdown ensued and she ended up leaving. I think the only reason I didn't get in trouble for being so disrespectful & awful was because everyone was happy to have the peace and quiet. Also because the incident happened before Grandma got there & most of my family didn't witness it. (They were so disappointed not to see Auntie Linda put in her place by the least likely family member) I called and apologized but she wouldn't come back over so I packed up a ton of food and drove my little sister over to deliver it. She was happy with that. So all was well. We aren't laughing about it yet but we're close again so it's OK now. I still want to poison her occasionally but I never would because I do love her & I know she means well & where would I dump her body? Then again, the list of suspects would be quite enormous!
Nah! She's family. If your family can't drive you crazy, who can?
Well hopefully you all have a very peaceful and wonderful Thanksgiving! Be safe if you're travelling and enjoy the time off of work! I'll be on my best behavior! If I'm not, you'll be the first to hear my side of the story!


Eagle Eye said...

I dusted off some recipes too and made tortilla soup with the left-overs. I don't usually get into full "baking like crazy" mode until Christmas (the one time of year I'm domestic--the rest of the year I'm pretty wild). Luckily, we don't get many visitors up in Montana (my family is in NV)so I don't have to get too elaborate--just your basic turkey,marshmallow yams,veggies, and mashed taters!

NotANiceGirl said...

There was just too much food this year though I kind of missed out on it from getting too full on all the snacks before dinner. The cheesecakes & desserts were a hit & the families came together nicely. We all got along very well.
The food essentials were pretty much the same as yours. I'm very big into mashed potatos w/turnips mashed in & they didn't make them this year. I'll just have to make some at home to get my fix!

Jimbo said...

What do you mean there is no place to dump the body? Don't you live in Jersey? I would think there is a map on where to dump the bodies. There might be a line when you get there.