Friday, April 18, 2008

Jenny You Married A Douchebag!

Dear Jenny,

Wow! I flew to Florida in November to take engagement photos for you & we partied in St. Barts for my birthday in February... So now I find out what my punishment is for complaining when you decided to bring your lame ass fiance on my girls only birthday weekend!

You didn't invite me to your wedding.... nice.

Since you went out of your way to make this point, I just want to thank you for the endless supply of lame jokes, chain mail, and stupid video clips. The silent treatment would've been better. You've certainly decided to choose the bitchiest way of paying me back for complaining when I covered 100% of the costs on my birthday vacation. You not only traveled for free but you had the balls to show up with your faggy fiance and some other things that could've landed me in a shit hole prison in St. Barts.

When I got there late you two had been there for a few days & STAYING IN MY MASTER BEDROOM, you sure didn't get bent out of shape and leave when the other husbands did. You sent Mr. D-bag packing and partied up on my dime.

I think you're an asshole! I'm so happy that I didn't suffer through going to your ghetto wedding. You did me a favor by "punishing" me for St. Barts & hiding the fact that you were getting married.

As my wedding gift to you, I'd like to pass on this pearl of wisdom; it's not normal for two 25 year olds to live with their parents. You two have been living in his mom's house since we met. Now you're married and living with his mom. I think the fact that you hate his mom should be reason enough to grow up and move into your own place!!! This is your life Jenny! You did great for yourself! The only thing I can say is that your a beautiful girl..... and you're married to a douchebag!!!


Anonymous said...

That was the greatest post ever!!!

Shannon said...
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NotANiceGirl said...

that means a lot coming from you. You're a tough crowd.