Friday, October 5, 2007

Liquid Lunch Friday!

Fashion week is over and things are slowly getting back to normal. The backstage screams for Xanax, Valium, Percocet, etc. have quieted. My feet are finally forgiving me for all those stilettos. My moving boxes are stuffed with so many lovely pieces from other designers & my lovely girls there!! I love you girls! I need some new photos to post! This one is scanned but classic. Forgive my hair. That was a bad decision many liquid Fridays ago! We were all out just having a bit too much fun & I was given the option of licking the giant dessert spoon clean. The damn spoon was the size of my hand!! So me not being a girl to turn down the challenge, went for it. Well I'm oblivious to the guy with his wife & baby at the next table staring. Then I am told how his wife got mad, and he's trying to explain himself out of it and just digging his grave deeper. So to his wife- I'm sorry. I just gotta have fun & can be a bit sassy at times. A few more drinks and it'll be surfacing again! Last liquid post was on my to cheat or not post... so you see where my mind was at!

So going back to the city this weekend to hang at Sutton Place with my pals. I'll play on my swing & see what sort of sales will be around town. I want to pick up some new pieces for the new place..... Seriously the swing alone is just too much fun!! So I hope anyone who reads this has a great weekend!


p0nk said...

hey, good to see you back around again. damn cute pics.

Eagle Eye said...

I DO like your hair--spunky! I'm doing the last ditch effort at hot and I'm growing my hair out while I still can thing! How do you stay so rail thin and eat pasta (that pic is from Bucca's right)?

NotANiceGirl said...

Thanks! Ponk!!

Yes, that was when I was in Wellington at the Vera Wang factory. We all went out to Bucca's! Great Eagle eye!!! I've grown it since that summer but it's time to cut it & donate it again. I try to do locks of love as often as I have the hair to give. I usually cut in the fall b/c clothes of fall look nice with a sharp hair cut!