Thursday, October 25, 2007

Serious Head Injuries Prompt Recall of Bumbo Baby Sitter Seats

New Warnings and Instructions to Be Provided To Consumers
This just explains so much about me. Who knew that falling on your head a bunch as a baby is bad for you? Probably my mom but she was most likely on the phone gossiping or smoking weed in the bathroom! I turned out just fine and I flipped my walker, climbed and fell out of my play pen, fell of the bunk bed, and there was an incident with my aunt, who is only 4 yrs. older than I am, that I still don't trust. Cause' I just sprung up out of my stroller and took a leap at 14 months old. Yeah, OK Aunt Sharyn. So besides the fact that I can never pull a Britney and shave my head, I still feel tat iM jus fineeeeeee!

If you're interested in the recall here you go:


Jimbo said...

A stressful day at work? You could pull a Britney if you wanted too. I hope you don't. I have not seen to many women that look good bald. However the one I did see was in New York, so you might fit in.

Eagle Eye said...

Bouncing bumbo baby bouncing bumbo baby. Keep saying it really fast and see if your tongue gets twisted or your brain gets strained and then what will we recall?

p0nk said...

What we really need is a way to recall parents who think corporate america is responsible for raising our children in a plastic bubble.

Common sense is for people who can't afford lawsuits.

Jimbo said...


I think you have it backwards. People with common sense have the money for the lawsuits. It is the idiots with no common sense that are file these lawsuits and corporate America has no balls to fight them.

Can you imagine how much cheaper everything would be if the added cost of insurance for lawsuits and all of the lawyers that are on staff at these major corporations were gone?

But then the homeless population would double with all of these out of work lawyer on the streets.

NotANiceGirl said...

Jimbo - my good friend shaved her head & looked good until the awkward growing out length so she shaved it again! Finally, she got a wig. It all started after a bad haircut. So, since she is a hair stylist, she figured she could fix it herself. The fact that it was the back of her head & her OCD-shit- didn't mix. Out came the clippers. It was classic!

Jimbo said...

You should post a picture of her. So when are you going for the buzz cut?